Via The Village

Their Story:

No doubt, you have heard the age-old proverb, “it takes a village to raise a child”. But what if you don’t have one? These days, most of us don’t have our family or close friends nearby. You’re not alone, and Via The Village believes you don’t have to do it alone. We have a web platform that allows for families to come together to build their own personalized villages within their local community to find safe, reliable childcare services through their trusted connections. And nannies can do the same as you search for desirable employment relationships. The average family struggles with the rising cost of childcare while the average nanny often has to settle for less than an ideal wage. Via The Village will help make quality childcare more affordable while also considering nannies need to be compensated well for their valuable contributions by facilitating nanny sharing. By nanny sharing, families save thousands per year while nannies make thousands more! Plus the children are happy because they get a little playmate. Everybody wins! And for those who are not currently seeking a nanny, nanny share or an employer- Families will still be able to find other families near them to form child care exchanges, kiddie carpool, find playdates or new neighborhood friendships. Nannies will still find other nannies near them for play date meetups and also for backup. Yet more support through our shared blog and community forum. Join our community!

Martha Reddick