Traveling With Your Nanny Family

Thank you to Melissa McInerney for this mock up of a contract! Feel free to use it for your nanny family and alter it as needed! 

Travel Contract

  • All expenses when traveling will be paid for. Flights, room, all meals, any transportation, all outings (with or without the children), as well as a $50/day cash per diem.
  • Nanny will have his/her own room and bathroom, either in the same hotel/home or one within one mile, of nanny family.
  • Nanny can, but does not have to, share a room with children. This can be discussed on a trip by trip basis.
  • Nanny will be paid to work 12 hour days when traveling (but will not always work 12 hours, and will never work more than 12 hours in a 24 hour period). In addition, nanny will receive an overnight fee of $100 per night spent traveling.
  • All overtime rules apply while traveling. Family will pay overtime rate of time and a half, after 40 hours worked.
  • If nanny works on one of the previously agreed upon holidays, nanny can choose to take said holiday upon completion of travel or be paid holiday rate for 8 hours.
  • Family will pay nanny's dog boarding fee, up to $50/day if dog is not accompanying family on travel.


Martha Reddick