How to Become a Nanny

Have you considered becoming a nanny but you’re not quite sure how to break into the profession? This episode is made for you! I got to sit down with the amazing Leah Frires to discuss ways to break into the wonderful profession that is nannying. We both share how we got started as nannies and offer up many avenues to explore if being a nanny is right for you! And don’t worry; we know that we barely touch on Nannying Agencies. I’m saving that for its own episode, promise! 

As this week's resource, I've included an Interview Cheat Sheet which will help you not only answer very important questions before you accept a job, but also will help you show up to the interview prepared and make you look like the rockstar you are! 

An Interview Cheat Sheet

Use this to create your own interview questionnaire. You can either email it ahead of time or bring it with you to the interview to make sure all your questions are answered before you start working! A lot of families will have you dive right in, so it’s good to gather as much information as you can in the interview.


Brief bio: Who I am. Why I do what I do. What I've done.


Tell me about your kid(s)?



Nap(s)? Ideal times?

Favorite foods?

Favorite things?

Triggers for abject behavior?

Discipline techniques?

          *Rewards? Willingness to seek positive redirection/reinforcement techniques?*

Goals for your child? --Be it physical? Educational? Emotional? Behavioral?




Sick days? Paid/Unpaid? How many?



Holidays? Paid/Unpaid?


Household Management:

Household chores?

Siblings? Are you responsible for all the kids?

After school activities?

Homework? Should it all be done before you arrive home? Do you want me to leave any for you to work on with your child?

Tutoring? Will you expect me to tutor? Does your child meet with a tutor?

Bathtime? Routine- their expectations? Teaching independence? Skin products or allergies?

Technology involvement? Restrictions on tv shows and ratings?


    -Allergies? How serious? Where are the EpiPens?


    -Whole family? Just the kids?



Social media permission?

Play dates?

Nanny share? (A practice of many big city nannies. Some families co-op their nanny and split the time, or have their kids do play dates under one nanny.)

Significant other involvement? Can my boyfriend/girlfriend hang with us? Etc.




Credit card?



Reimbursement for continuing education practices? Books? Resources? CPR? First Aide?


Family Preferences:

Cuddling?! **It's strange to ask what your physical involvement should be with their child- but believe it or not- some parents prefer that in evolving "independence" you should restrict physical touch.**

How does this family show affection? What/when is appropriate?

Words/names for intimate body parts/functions? How does a family refer to privates and potty?

Religious affiliation? Expected to reinforce or ignore certain practices?

How involved with a child's education or programming are you?


Once you have the job:

Work phone numbers for both parents?

Neighbors/family members that I can reach out to if I need help?

Kids’ doctor? Kids’ insurance information?

Wifi password?

Deliveries I’ll be accepting?

Any scheduled work on the house?

Do I need to let the housekeeper in at a certain time?

What rooms are ok for us to make a mess in?

Can I store things in your fridge/cabinets?


Martha Reddick