Food Allergies

During this episode, Cady Leinicke and I discuss several resources for kids with food allergies! Here are links to everything we discussed:

Food Allergy Research & Education 

This is a wonderful resource for everything food allergy related. If you have a question, they will have the answer! They also have a great Food Allergy Field Guide for anyone who is new to allergies! If you are nannying for kids with allergies, this is a MUST!  

Peanut Free Planet

If you are looking for a place to find snacks for your little one who has food allergies, this is the place to go! Though it is called "Peanut Free Planet" this website offers food for all kinds of allergies and is organized well! 

Switch Witch

The Switch Witch is a great tool for kids with allergies or kids who get a TON of candy and there is no healthy way for them to eat it all! The kids pick out 5 pieces of candy to keep and the rest is given to the "Switch Witch" in exchange for a new toy or non food treat! I've linked the website, but you can also make your own Switch Witch!
Martha Reddick